Business Loans

Document Needed

Form 9 & 24/49

Documentation that stated company background must be given upon loan submittion.

M&A (Memorandum Of Article & Association)

Company directors that have company type of sdn bhd will need to provide M&A.


You need to provide us the title of the property upon loan application.

Original Sales & Purchase Agreement (S&P)

You are required to bring along your original sales & purchase agreement upon loan application.

Loan Agreement

Original loan agreement is required upon loan application.

Quit Rent & Assessment

Latest receipt of quit rent assessment are required.


Deliberately put together to fill into any type of corporate business needs. Fast and extremely affordable, our corporate money lending loan can help you forget ahead of your competition. Our loan tenure able to reach 30 years.

Qualified Application

Are You Qualified?

You may blacklisted by local banks or other finance companies, we prioritize your application and take serious consideration and provide you a suitable loan. We always provide a repayment loan scheme that will not burden you and we are sure that you will not be overdue payment.

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